Ben Dyer has been making art since childhood, and he began creating jewelry in 1975. His work is exhibited in galleries and art shows nationwide.

Direct metal techniques such as cold forging, handforming, texturing, and gold soldering are the methods used to construct the jewelry.The techniques are labor-intensive, and the finished work is detailed and

For Ben, a successful design suggests motion, reveals unique aspects from different angles, and expresses elegance and grace in asymmetry.

In his designs, flowing lines and elongated forms contrast with coarser, textured, or hard-edged shapes. Use of gemstones and colors of gold provide accent and color contrast.


Ben Dyer

"I wrestle with living in tune with both history and the needs and dreams of the future. I was driven to a career that allows for creative personal expression and provides a livelihood. Attracted to a craft that has a varied, complex, and ancient technology, I am intrigued by the concept of body ornamentation with its spiritual and mystical associations.

My artwork is a celebration of nature, but on a deeper level reflects my grieving over loss of the natural environment, the destruction of many life-forms and damage to the earth. Consequently, in the studio we are highly sensitive to the environmental impact of jewelry production. We generally use hand tools and most materials are recycled; chemical and electrical use is kept at a minimum."